Medical Malpractice

Attorney Francisco G. Medina represents patients who have been injured by Houston hospitals and doctors. When a primary care doctor, radiologist, physician assistant or other health care provider treats a patient in a manner that falls below the acceptable standard of care and harms the patient, the patient may sue for medical malpractice.  In a medical malpractice suit, the patient may seek to recover the costs of medical treatment to correct the medical error.  Additionally, the patient may also seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost earnings, and future medical care related to the act of malpractice.

Our firm accepts many types of medical malpractice cases, including those involving the following types of medical errors:

  • Surgeon operated on wrong leg;
  • Radiologist misread an x-ray, which delayed a diagnosis;
  • Anesthesiologist improperly administered anesthesia during a surgical procedure;
  • Doctor failed to obtain a patient's informed consent before performing a procedure; and
  • Nurse dispensed an incorrect amount of medication to the patient.

We provide a free consultation to patients who wish to discuss their Houston medical malpractice claim.  Contact us online or call us at 713-869-7030, or toll free 1-800-499-9893.