Automobile Accidents

Over 6 million automobile accidents occur each year in the United States, resulting in millions of injuries and thousands of deaths. We represent individuals who have suffered injuries or property damage in automobile accidents involving cars, motorcycles, and trucks. These accidents result from a variety of circumstances ranging from drunk drivers, hit-and-run drivers, and under- or uninsured drivers. We also accept cases caused by rollovers and collisions between motor vehicles, SUVs and semi-tractor trailers.

Collisions are not the only cause of injuries occurring in automobiles. Our firm also accepts cases based on injuries caused by defective products or designs in trucks and automobiles. These manufacturing and design defects include faulty seatbelts, gas tanks, and tires.

Around 115 people die each day in the United States in automobile accidents. It is not uncommon to suffer extreme—even life-changing—trauma from these types of accidents. For instance, you may have injuries like head or neck burns, whiplash, nerve damage, paralysis, dislocated or broken bones, or in extremely severe cases, you may have lost the use of a limb.

We understand the difficulties you face as you recuperate from this trauma, and we know your main goals after surviving the accident are to pay your medical bills, get the insurance company to cover future related treatments, and prevent any further financial suffering due to lost wages. Francisco G. Medina is an experienced attorney that has dealt with these types of cases, and will work with you closely to understand your situation and review your legal options. Most importantly, we will work with other parties in your case—including the insurance companies—to resolve your legal needs appropriately and expediently.

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